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Question about NCLEX reviews???

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Hello everyone! I am preparing to take my NCLEX for the third time. I was devastated failing twice, but I know that I will be able to pass one of these times! I am looking at doing a review. The two that I have narrowed it down to are the Kaplan review and the ATI review. I will probably be doing the online reviews since I work nights and don't have a lot of time during the day.

My questions are for anyone who has done either of these reviews. I would like to know your opinion on them, if they worked, how does the review work, is it questions and/or testing skills, etc.. Any other input that anyone would like to include is very much appreciated. Thank you for taking time to read my post.


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I personally did an ATI review (2 day, live). I felt like it helped me a lot. I learned a lot of testing strategies. Since the NCLEX is nothing like the tests I took in nursing school. She went over some content but majority of her time was spent on tests questions and strategies for answering certain types of questions such as prioritizing, SATA, etc. At the end of my 2 day review, I got a list of codes to take online quizzes online which I used for a few weeks leading up to my test. I found these tests very helpful!

The little content she did review was also very helpful. She went over a one or two things that I actually did see on my NCLEX. So I was thankful for that. She also provided me with a study plan that helped me zone in on my trouble areas based on a predictor test I had done in school and I followed that plan using the codes she gave us.

All in all, I can finally say I passed the NCLEX this week and I am officially an LPN! :) Good luck, don't be discouraged cause what you said is true, You will pass! Just relax do lots of practice questions and believe in yourself!

Thank you so much, Maddiex13! I am really leaning more towards ATI. We used ATI so much in school, so that is something I am familiar with. I needed some outside opinions, though! Congratulations on passing your boards!!!!!!!!! :up: