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I have a quick question for a Navy Nurse Recruiter if one is available. Long story short, I have an RE-4 which prevents me from re-enlisting. Does this necessarily prevent me from receiving a commission once I finish my BSN? I am still some time away from that and don't want to waste a recruiter's time on the phone to get this question answered (if I can even get one on the phone, I know they are very busy!). Feel free to PM me if more information is needed, and thank you in advance.

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from what I understand you are able to get a reserve commission with a RE-4 and later get a active commission. Now the hard part and that is getting a waiver or getting the RE code changed. Depending on why you have an RE-4 will depend if it can be waivered or changed. Since it appears that the services are making quota my quess is that it will be diffucult to get done, but you do not know if you do not try. I do know of a person who had an RE-4 in the Navy and ended up back on active duty so it can be done. Good Luck.


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You need to speak to a recruiter as only he or she will be able to tell you whether you are eligible for a waiver after receiving all of the information regarding your situation. If you do call, make sure that you are arranging an appointment with a medical/nursing recruiter who does officer accessions, and unless you are specifically asked about prior service or RE codes, I would not bring it up until you meet in person.

Good luck! :specs:

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