Question : LPN, do I need to do the upgrades?

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I just have a question myself. I am now trying to up grade chem 12U, BIO 12U has i didnt go to high school here in Canada. I would like to get into the PN program at Humber or George Brown. But I am not sure if I need to do these upgrade. I am 26 & would apply as a mature student. Please if you can help can you tell me what I need to get done to be accepted at either of these school. And what the entrance exam is like. I would really like your opinions. Cause right now I am confused being new to Canada & all.

Thank you guys

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I went to Georgian College as a mature student( I was 38) and I needed to get my grade 12 bio and chemistry before I could apply.I was able to get these through the college.It was quite simple and quick.Inquire at the institution you are applying to.

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If you take one semester of Pre-Nursing or Pre-Health you can get your prerequisites in for the PN program. Why not contact the registrar's office at Humber or George Brown? They will tell you exactly what you need to qualify.

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