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question about hemovac and jp drains???


Pls.help me on how to remove hemovac drains and jp drain.

im also having a trouble in setting the iv infusion pump,sometimes it is so tricky for me i cant figure that much especially if the pt has antibiotic,for all i know i infused the piggyback and stop the primary but when i returned in a minute oh my gosh the antibiotic was already empty....


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Is there someone at work who can help you with the IV pumps? They are difficult to explain online, and there are multiple pumps out there, which can complicate things. Ask someone at work to walk through them with you...and please ask before you use them again...for your patient's safety and the your license.

thank you...

Nrs_angie, BSN, RN

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As for the hemovac and jp drains... I dont think that we are allowed to remove them... I believe that is done by the MD... Atleast I have never had to remove them...

Medic2RN, BSN, RN, EMT-P

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It may depend on where you work. When I worked in the IICU, the nurses were the ones who removed drains once the order was written.


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Wash hands, glove, remove dressing (if there is one), make sure the hemovac or JP is sutured/not sutured. If sutured in, you will need a suture removal kit and cut away the sutures. Once this is done, take a 4x4 up against the drain site and pull the drain in one slow steady motion until it is removed. Hold 4x4 on site, make sure the tip is intact. Redress site. DOCUMENT.

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removal of drains, we do them all the time. Just as tlh65 has said.


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I agree with what oMerMero said about the infusion pumps. And your facility should have a policy about the removal of drains. In my hospital, you have to be checked off. It stings when coming out, so I give pain meds before hand.

meownsmile, BSN, RN

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When taking out JP and Hemovacs make sure the suction is relieved by opening the bulb or container first before trying to remove it. Do not recompress the bulb or container before removing.

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I agree with the above with pre-medicating before removing them, making sure they're not sutured in, relieving the suction first and have a pressure dressing ready because they often bleed a bit when removed.

As for the pumps, if you're putting the piggy backed IV AFTER the pump, then it's basically running wide open. You have to put it before the pump and then set the pump to run the piggyback. The common post-op antibiotics (at least for me) is Ancef which is 50ml to run over 30 minutes, so it's run at 100ml/hr. Levaquin typically comes in 50ml over an hour thus 50ml at 50ml an hour. Flagyl is 100ml over an hour so 100ml at 100ml/hr. Vancomycin for us is usually 150ml over 90 minutes so 132ml/hr.

I hope some of this helps!

Thank you so much for your feedback..I really appreciate your information...:idea:

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