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Hi, I have a question about graduation I hope someone can suggestion something...

I am planning with the graduation and it seems like everyone is in disagreement about what will we wear when we graduate. Some people want to wear cap and Gowns, Others want to wear Street Clothes (dressy) and I suggested All white... But who gets the final say How do we go about this.. any suggestions..


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At my school we have a graduation planning committe and they poll the rest of the class and see what the majority wants. As for as graduation dress....we always wear cap and gown over street clothes...and there are no questions about it.

Good luck,

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I thought at graduation ceremonies you were supposed to wear a cap and gown, I have never been to on that hasn't. At my pinning ceremony we wore all white. Take a vote.


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At my school we have a pinning ceremony for each class that is separate from graduation. The graduation is with the entire school, and the ceremony is just for the class. We elected officers for our class to plan the ceremony. I think it's traditional to wear white for nursing students, but I would wear a cap and gown before I would let everyone wear street clothes. It's a once in a life time event. You want that to show in your pictures!:)

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Street clothes (even dressy clothes) would be T A C K Y! Is there no traditional graduation attire at your school? Ours requires white dress uniform, white hose, white shoes, and cap. Hair must be UP. Cap and gown would be acceptable, but street clothes?!

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When I graduated, we dressed up (kind of like prom) for the pinning ceremony. For graduation we wore caps and gowns, some wore the gowns with a nursing cap.

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I am a class officer for my nursing class, and here's what we have experienced so far about our pinning (which will take place in May).

In the past, all students were required to wear all white. Our uniform has changed, so most students would have to go out and buy whites just to wear for pinning. The nursing division made it out that whites were required. However, if your class has to foot the bill for pinning (which is the case for us), then the nursing division should not have any say.

That said, we have batted around the idea of a dress code. At first, we thought conservative nice dress. This sounds nice in theory, but no matter how much you spell out the code, there will ALWAYS be someone who is going to "dress how they darn well want". Low cut blouses, midriff showing shirts, micro mini skirts. No one is paying to the pinning because of that one student who looks like a hooker. It sort of lessens the reverence of the ceremony. Why take the chance?

Another idea is wearing just the gowns, but not the mortarboard. Then, people can wear what they want underneath, and they can wear it for commencement as well (which is the following day). A lot of the larger universities are going to this same dress code, and folks seem to like it.

One thing is for one wants to wear whites, nor those pointy little nursing caps.

Good luck!

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Cap and gown for graduation. For the pinning ceremony, whatever the class decides on.


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we discussed this during class the other day. our grad commitee was discussing what they were doing for pinning, and the discussion came up about what to wear. My program coordinator piped in and explained it quite well as their was an arguement between white scrubs, casual clothes, or colored scrubs.

The coordiantor stated that in our school it was tradition to wear white. The rationale behind it being that the colour white dates back to the whole lady of the lamp Florence Nightingale days it was kind of synonamous. It made sense to me, and as much as I hate white I can understand the value and tradition the colour has in relation to nursing and will happily wear it on Graduation as I am proud to be becoming a nurse.

Just ask yourself what is the first colour that pops into your head when you think of nurse? to me it is white.

For the graduation we are wearing the Schools cap and gown.


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How many schools use the "traditional" nurses cap for pinning or graduation ceremonies? I mentioned this to our Dean and she told me that we do not get the option of even asking for the nursing cap. Heck, when I graduate, I want one!! Traditional white and a cap I think says it all and is as stated previously, exactly what you picture when you think of "Nurse". :D :D

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