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I'm scheduled to start Upper Division Fall term '14 at Goldfarb-MoBap :) May sound silly buuuuut I'm really curious about the schedule bc i'm a workout/fitness/health junkie! I'm okay with not having much of a social life but for my own sanity I NEED the time to get my work outs in! So what's the schedule like and is it realistic to still get in my awesome workouts and have time to study without losing my mind?! THankkks!

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Sorry you haven't received a response yet. I am not familiar with that particular school, but I admire your dedication to fitness. Most campuses have workout facilities for students that are open during extended hours so that you can fit a routine into your schedule. However, I want you to promise us that you will always take actions to ensure your safety - take a buddy with you if you're working out late at night or in the wee hours of the morning. If you run at night - please don't use headphones that block out ambient noise.

From my understanding you will go four days a week. The classes aren't all day long and there is an elliptical in the break room

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Your 1st term you will go 3 or 4 days a week depending on the schedule you get. Also, you will be there no later than 4, I believe. There are so many opportunities for exercise. You will see people running/walking & I've seen numerous yoga classes held on Goldfarb's front lawn. We also have access to the WellAware center for a discounted price. It is on the way from the parking garage to the school. You shouldn't have a problem!

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