question about breathing tx's

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i have a pt. that is takes breathing treatments, and my question is do you give the mucomyst first or the albuterol?

sorry if this seems like a dumb question.

everyone at work tells me they dont think it matters, in which order it is given.

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Mucomyst is a mucolytic and albuterol is a bronchodilator. Since the albuterol works almost immediately I would give that first. The bronchioles can be dilated a lot faster than mucus can be affected.



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At my facility we dump them together in the same neb setup so they get them at the same time. This is what the RTs do and they say it's ok.

I'm assuming you are talking about nebs. To my knowledge, mucomyst doesn't come as an inhaler (right?)



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We also combine mucomyst with albuterol. I suppose if you have the time, then by all means give the albuteral before the mucomyst.