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Question about becoming an NP

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I'm thinking about going back to school to get my master's/NP in California. I know that it doesn't matter how much money I would make as an NP, but if I'm going to spend 2 years + the tuition to become an NP, I want to know that I will at least make more than I do as a bedside nurse.

Any advice on how I can find out salary/pay as an NP in CA?

Thanks for all your help! And don't get me wrong, I definitely want to further my education and become more independent for my patients, I just want to know going back to school will help me in my and my family's future financially too.


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I am sure it varies quite a bit by what type of NP you plan to become and what part of CA you are in...

Generally NPs make more. A bedside RN can make more - clinical ladder, certifications, shift differential, overtime, on-call pay, etc. However, a NP can make $70k - $120k by working 8a-5p Mon-Fri.


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I am PMHNP student and I live in the Sacramento area. My preceptors, who are also PMHNPs, tell me that in the Sacramento area, PMHNPs make $65-85 per hour.

You might just want to look at indeed.com or simplyhired.com or talk to a headhunter. A lot of times the job listings will post a salary range.


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Thank you all for responding. I will definitely need to do more research!

Thanks again!


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