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Question for Aria Health SON or CCP Nursing students/graduates?

About me:

Older male student (30y.o)

I'm decent academically, 3.7 cum. GPA.

I live near Northern Liberties, to give you an idea of my location.

I've been accepted to both Aria Health (Formally Frankfort) School of Nursing, and to the RN program at CCP.

I cannot decide! Any Pro's and Con's of either one that you'd like to share?



Has 3 years experience.


If Frankfort is a diploma program, you're better off going for the degree program at CCP- and moving on to get your BSN, as well. You will have more options open to you.

Aria is an RN diploma with the option (if you choose) for an associates from PSU.. I'm currently a second level student at ARIA and am very pleased with my choice to go there..

I've heard a lot of good things about it, anything in particular you liked about it?

I attend Aria now and I love it! It has more advantages than a ASN from a community college. While Aria is a diploma program you can get an associates in Arts and letters from Penn State since they are affiliated with them. Having a diploma Vs an Assoicates really is no different its the BSN that is the real deal sealer, but it makes no matter what path you take to get there! That being said I am not doing that, they also have a bridge with Penn State World Campus and can get your BSN in about 9 months from your graduation. Also Aria has the 3rd highest NCLEX pass rate in the state, I believe only Drexel and Abington are ahead of us!

yep agree wit habove. i am 2 months away from graduating from aria, and only need five more classes to get a BSN through Penn States online RN to BSN program, which is way ahead than any CCP graduate. The associates and the diploma make no difference. Aria's program is a few months longer than a community college, but like i said i am way closer to my BSN, also way more clinical experience.

also our pass rate is better than CCP

its in the process of becoming a bachelor program


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