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I'm about to finish up my CNA course, and I'd like to start looking for a job before I take the exam, as it will be about 1-2 months until it's scheduled and scored. According to my instructor, in my state, nursing homes will hire CNAs before they are certified, and give them 4 mos to obtain certification. So I'd like to start applying to nursing homes and assisted living facilities and, from what I read, applying in person is the way to go. A lot of the facilities around here are part of larger corporations that have websites for submitting applications -- is it still acceptable/beneficial to go to these places to apply in person? And what do I do once I get there -- should I ask to speak to someone in charge of hiring, or just drop off a resume at the front desk? Is it better to call ahead?

Sorry for all the clueless questions...I've never looked for a job where you could apply in person, so I really have no idea how to go about doing this. Also, I'm a little on the shy side, so the thought of just walking in and trying to sell myself in an area that is completely new to me (i.e., healthcare) is a little nervewracking! Thanks for any suggestions :)


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It depends on the facility.. at the assisted living facility I work at, they wouldn't hire me until I obtained my certification. So although I basically had the job after I was interviewed, I couldn't start until I was officially a CNA.

I don't see any harm in going in person to either speak to someone or drop of your application.. I actually think it's beneficial. I used to be a dental assistant, and when I saw an ad on craig's list for a dental assisting job, I decided to go to the office in person and drop off my resume. I ended up getting hired, and the dentist said that he received over 50 resumes, but they were all either faxed or e-mail - he said I stood out to him because I showed initiative. So you never know... it could be that one extra step that could land you the job!

Good luck with your job search. :)


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I would first call the facility, speak with a staffing coordinator and ask if they are accepting applications for cna's. If the answer is yes, then I'd go fill out an application and drop off my resume in person. And if that particuliar facility is affiliated with a large corporation, then it wouldn't hurt to put in an application AND resume online as well. Double your chances for employment at other places inside the company.

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If you go in person go dressed professionally (think suit not scrubs) just in case you get an interview on the spot. Also, make sure you have the time to interview on the spot --if that is your end game.

I would google things like common interview questions, and consider how you would answer, if you are rusty at interviewing. Practice answering them aloud.


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I would go in person as online applications are apt to be automatically rejected when you don't meet the minimum criteria. In your case, you will not have a verifiable CNA number yet. If you go in person, you might be able to be hired in the "before certification" phase without having a computer program reject your application. You are right that CNA positions are usually easier to get when you go in person. Have all your employment documentation with you, photo ID, Soc Sec card, a certificate or diploma from the CNA course to prove you finished, a list of your references, addresses, and previous employers with contact info, a copy of your resume, your CPR card if you have one, a copy of your last health exam if it has been done in the last year, a copy of your TB test results. You might leave the first facility you visit with a job! Good luck.


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Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! You definitely gave me pointers that I wouldn't have thought about on my own. I'm going to start my search next week, so I'll update when/if (fingers crossed!), I get a job.