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Hi All!

I've been reading up on the benefits of wearing compression socks/stockings to work. I read NurseEyeRoll's blog post on the Nabee brand and now I'm really curious to try them out. After 3 years of being in home care, I'm back in a subacute rehab facility and I do notice my legs get fatigued.

My question is: how hot do you get wearing them? Is it unbearable? I get insanely sweaty just wearing my normal scrubs. Would adding these long socks drive me crazy? I know I can just try them out and take them off if I get crazy hot, but looking to hear about other's experiences with them. Thanks in advance!


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They do get hot. If you're already hot wearing scrubs, then wearing thigh high stockings will make you even hotter. I wear Jobst stockings because of varicose veins, and get plenty hot whenever the temp goes above 72 degrees F.

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I have always worn the knee highs which I know some say aren't the best but they help keep my ankles from swelling too much and my feet never hurt. I haven't ever felt hot in them and usually wear socks over them but then again I wasn't ever hot in just regular scrubs either.


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I wore FULL ON compression pantyhose for 20 years. I'm in my 40's now and my legs are the best part of me. Just sayin'.

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I read NurseEyeRoll's blog post on the Nabee brand and now I'm really curious to try them out.
There's no need to invest extra money in name-brand support hose when any pair will work. I wear the cheapest brand (Medline). I obtained them off Ebay nearly 10 years ago and have not had to purchase another pair because they've lasted this long.


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Depends on the kinds of socks you wear, in my experience. I got a little bit warmer wearing knee-high compression socks, but the trade off (no swelling in my feet, no pain) was well worth the slightly warm feet.