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quarter credits vs semester credits


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Anyone know how they figure that out if you transfer? I want to take a few courses at Capella, where there are on quarters rather than semesters, that I would like to try transferring to a university that is on a semester tract. I can't seem to get a straight answer. I have a meeting with semester university later in the month. (this is for an MSN-education program)

When I dealt with this, the quarter units were counted as 2.66 and 1.66 of the equivalent number of semester units. You just multiply or divide as appropriate.

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I am not quire sure how to do, 20 quarter credits would translate to how many semester hours? 20/1.66=12 semester hours? 20/2.66=7.5 semester hours? I can transfer 6 semester hours into the program I want to do.

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Are they an accredited program? Regionally accredited? That's what you want to look at first. If they are then you should be able to look at which credits transfer. I know here in Indiana there is a website that you just pop in the school you are attending, then the school you want to transfer to, and it will tell you which classes transfer. I think ours is something like IndianaTransfer. Net.

The generally accepted method is that each quarter is = 2/3 of a semester.. making the multiplier 0.67(rounded)....

so 20 quarter hours x 0.67 = 13.4 semester hours.

6 semester hours / 0.67 = 9 quarter hours