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First I would like to say I'm a senior that is going to become a matriculated student at QCC Fall 2014. I have called administration office twice about changing my major since I put digital arts when I was applying for college but they told me to only change it in the first day of school. I then went straight to QCC in person to hand in my deposit money/ freshman application form. One of the administrators changed my major from digital arts to Liberal arts saying that liberal arts is takeing pre-requisites. :unsure:I had my doubts, because I did some research and the pre-requisites requirements as shown in this website: http://www.qcc.cuny.edu/academics/degree-programs/aas-nursing.html. does not match with the credits I need for nursing requirements

I remember when I was researching the Liberal arts program they don't have A&P and Psychology :http://www.qcc.cuny.edu/academics/degree-programs/liberal-arts-and-sciences-aa.html

I'm going back to meet them in person to ask for my major changed before I get my scheduled. I would like to know if there is really a major called pre-nursing for the pre-requisites? If so I might go from Liberal arts to pre-nursing.

Can anyone tell me how they get the classes for pre-requisites and if there's any tips or suggestions you would like to tell me so I can be prepared. :inlove:

Here's some questions I've been concerned about:

  • How long does it take to complete pre-requisite courses?
  • is it hard to get the classes you need? (cuz I heard classes fill up really fast)
  • Is there a major for pre-requisites?
  • Does most, if not all the credits count or satisfy the need of a university?
  • What is the minimum score students need in the Pre-admission exam in order to get into the nursing program?
  • What are the average students that sign up for nursing and how many were accepted?
  • If you don't get accepted into a nursing program....then what?
  • I heard there's an interview, is this true?
  • what study methods u suggest during stressful times?
  • If you do poorly in one course, drop the class, can you retake the course again?
  • and just some helpful tips to prepare me for getting into the QCC nursing school

I'm kind of nervous for college, and not understanding more about the nursing program stress me out, and giving me the Liberal arts program got me worried. If there's any QCC students out there, please give me some advice.:cat: THANK YOU!!!


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i graduated from qcc nursing program in 2009, I know the feeling you describe all too well. In terms of the Pre reqs you have to score a B or better. It is a highly competitive program, and you must be prepared to dedicate time into it. Pre req courses take 4 semesters, due to the fact that you cannot combine classes since they have corequisites eg Anatomy 1 is co req to anatomy 2 and A2 is co req to microbiology. My rec take micro ALONE do no combine with any other classes. The nursing classes are also 4 semesters. NU 101, 102, 201, 202, and 203 which is writing intensive. 202 and 203 can be done together but the others are co reqs to each other. In nursing you have a get a minimum to C or better to move up. Good luck in your quest.


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Thx mom2sam :) I will devote my time to study a lot to become a future nurse. Yes it's very competitive and I will do the best of my abilities to get into the nursing school:nurse:


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I think they have changed things since then. There is now 101, 102, 201, 202 and 204. 102 and 204 are writing intensive, but 204 is a 3 credit class that is all writing. Those classes are all prerequisites for each other not coreqs. Except 204 that can be taken with 202.

You can be liberal arts major and take all the prerequisite classes for nursing. You can do pre-nursing I guess but I just had liberal arts because they told me financial aid would cover it that way so I don't know about pre-nursing.

They also changed some of the classes you need like now you need math119 and sociology is not required anymore.

I agree with mom2sam that you should do every class before nursing. Don't listen to advisors that say you can do AandP and micro with nursing - it is too hard and lots of people end up failing for trying to do it. Good luck in your future.


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Thank you Undone.:D So financial aid covers a particular major? and if I don't do A&P and microwith nursing, so I need to take them before nursing (pre-requisites)? And can you pick certain classes with in liberal arts or any major in general to get all the requirements/classes you need to get into nursing?


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For nursing there a certain classes you have to take. You need math119, psych101, human growth and development (this is also psych), a&p1, a&p2, micro, english 101, english 102. Look on the website for the nursing and see what classes are not nursing classes and those are the ones you need. Its better to do it all before nursing even tough they put it like you can do some with nursing.


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Ooh ok thx again undone. :). I'll be sure to take all before nursing

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Welcome to pre-nursing. It seemed like yesterday I was in your shoes.

First thing relax!

Don't worry about if your major is liberal arts or pre-nursing. You can still take the courses you need. Public community colleges are a great place to start your nursing career because they're affordable but competition to enter the nursing program is very high so many good people get turned away. Usually it's all numbers, GPA and testing. You're smart to think about a backup plan. Here's some options to consider if things don't work out at QCC:

1. Complete your associates degree and transfer to a school with a BSN program.

2. Complete your associates degree & BA. Apply for a BSN accelerated program.


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Thx NY_teach for the back up information. I'll consider it when things goes wrong at QCC. :yes:


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1) to complete the nursing pre requisites it can take between 2-4 semesters. this is because these classes have pre-requisites, are not easy and you need a grade of B or better to be considered for the program. some people apply to the program before completing all of the pre-requisites, so it looks like it didn't take them long to get in, but i honestly don't think is a good idea. if is bad to take micro and anatomy together, then imagine taking micro and NU101, that's a suicide. so advice finish all of your pre requisites before applying.

2) I don't remember having a hard time getting a spot at any of these pre-requisites.

3) no there is no pre- requisite major, most students are in liberal arts. personally i had health science as a major.

4) i don't know what credits you are talking about, but pre-requisites and nursing courses should be enough for your major.

5) as for the NLN pre-admission exam (pax) they want 100, they might take a 95 or so, but to be honest everyone i know got above 100. they also want a percentile of above 50% in all subjects.

6) i don't know exact numbers but the fall has like 100 or less seats ( because of the evening classes) and over 900 applicants, spring has less seats because evening is not offered, and alot of applicants

7) if you don't get in, you can try the following semester but i think you will have to remain being a qcc student, if not change majors, or fishing your associates and maybe try another school.

8) oh yes! they do interviews, dress well they look at that. don't show up in sweat pants they don't like that.

9) i think everyone has its methods to deal with stress, just don't forget to breathe, breathe! one problem at a time, and find a

group of people who are doing the same, the support from someone that knows what your going through will be very helpful

10) i think if you know in advance that you are going to fail then yes drop it and try again, i do believe you can switch the grade you got ex A&P 1 for A&p2 i really don't know how that works but look at it.

The pre-requisites are listed on the website but is English 101,102 & u have to take a speech placement and be exempt from taking remedial speech.

Psychology , and human growth and development

A&P 1, AND 2

Microbiology, (math or sociology i don't really know what they want now, but i took both when i was doing mine)

Clinical sequence NU101, NU102, NU201 (writing intensive), NU202, & NU204 (writing intensive) all with a C or better.

you can only repeat one clinical class and it can't be NU101 unless you can prove to the department that there is a very,very good reason of why you failed.

you also need CPR but don't take it until you are ready to apply, the card has an expiration date and you need it since your first clinical day until you graduate.

as tips first the acceptance to the program is a package, they literally look at everything not only your grades but what classes you took with them, ex: if John Doe got A's in all of his pre-requisites but he either took the class alone or with yoga, and Jane Doe got a B but took that class with micro or English, etc.. Jane Doe will have a better chance at getting it. they look at your Pax, if you work or not, your interview is a huge part as well, so everything counts. i will suggest attending Nursing advisement not the general school advisement, and information sections these dates are usually posted on the nursing department's website, so keep checking. like i already said fall has more seats than spring, and i will recommend taking all the pre- requisites before applying. another thing plan ahead for your bachelors, most programs RN-BSN want statistics, and chemistry. just do your best, you sound like you know what you are doing, and show interest, you will be fine. best of luck.


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Thx caroG5 :cat:!!

I will take this into consideration and thx for answering all (if not most) of my questions. The tips were very helpful :up:


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I may be quite late for this but does that mean it'll take 4 years just to get an associates degree in QCC? Since you said it takes 2-4 semesters to complete the pre-reqs and another 4 semesters in the nursing program. Things might've been different now compared to before but now I know that QCC only offers an ADN.

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