PVT Trick is wonky (my experience)


I read up alot about the PVT and just wanted to give my experience with it.

I took the NCLEX yesterday at 8am (stopped at 77 questions 1h and 30min later). 6 hours later, I tried the trick with my actual credit card info. I got the good pop up saying "Our record indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time." YAY!

But since I wanted to be sure...Four hours later, I did it again with same card but changed the expiration and the security number on the back. I hit submit but didn't get the sacred red good pop-up box that was on the top of the screen. I freaked and hit submit again...then got the good pop up again. YAY!

Today I checked it at 6a m and 10:30 am entering my credit card information with the incorrect expiration date and security code, and same thing happened to me again. After hitting the confirm button, I would not get the red popup box on the top of the screen, and I had to hit the submit button on the bottom again to get the good pop up box. I check with continental service to see if they received my results, but no cigar..

Tried it again for the last time at 4pm but with my correct credit card number information, and just like before ran in the the same predicament. Actually I hit the submit button two more times to make sure the red box stayed (in which it did). Check with continental, and still no results.

7:30 pm I typed the url for the Pearson website, but said SCREW IT (freaked out mom because she thought I failed), and typed in the continental testing service website. I passed, YAY!!!!!!

So, PVT sort of worked for me, but it is an evil beast of thing to do by taunting me with a disappearing red box that doesn't really determine if I really passed or not. (yes I know, it was my choice to do it and I shouldn't be reliant on a glitch).

I would say wait for your state board, continental testing service, or quick results for an accurate answer.