PVT to see if you passed Nclex


You have taken your nclex exam and now you are wondering if you passed. Go to pearson vue website and register like you are going to take the exam. You need to fill in all information and then you will have to put credit card info and hit submit. It will take you to the next page telling you that you will be charged $200.00 and when you hit submit if you have passed you will get a red triangle with the words "You may not schedule an exam at this time" - this means you passed otherwise you would be charged for taking another exam.

This is a change from the previous way to find out where if it took you to the cc page you failed but now they want you to go through all the steps so don't worry because either way if the cc goes through means you have to take the test again.

scaredsilly, BSN, RN

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Except (as about 90 other posts explain) there have been several people who found out that they passed after they paid the $200. If this happens, there is NO REFUND.

This so called trick is too new to know if it is valid, and it is best if you do not try it due to the fact it is unproven.


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The only way people could be charged if there is a question to their results. If there is a definitive answer it will not charge. Sometimes the results are on hold for different reasons but I have not seen anyone who was charged and passed. I have read where people say they were charged but never come back and post that they got their results and passed. Everyone I know that could not pay, passed so I think the change on the PVT is that you have to go through the whole process where before it would not even let you start the registration.