Purchasing a home off base

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Ok, so my husband and I have our eye on a house that is fits our budget close to the base. However, we won't be in the area for another two months and I thought that I read somewhere that you have to get the purchase approved or reviewed by the Base Housing Unit.

Does anyone have any information about purchasing an off base house? I don't know anything about the ins and outs of purchasing a house as I have been a renter since I got out of college


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When my husband and I purchased our off base home, I don't remember having to notify the military about it.


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The reason you need to contact base housing first is that some bases have open units for your husbands rank & family size. What can happen if you do not go thru them and there is available military housing they can say housing was offered and not pay any BAS. If that happens you would have to pay your mortgage out of your husbands base pay. Even thou you found a house you like they can also steer you to areas or away from parts of town that you either would like or not want to live in.


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I would also recommend to look at the market in the area.. when you get moved to a different location you want to ensure the rental market will support whatever you need to cont' your payments. Some military areas have a healthy rental market - others not so much...