cough assists,cpt vests

  1. Maybe someone can help me,b/c I'm sooo confused about the use of these things. I also get different answers from different doctors,nurses,and thing though,is that I'm confused. The cough assist,was that meant to be used before suctioning all the time. A lot of clients want me to use it each time before they get suctioned. This could be 5 cycles an hour,which seems a bit much.Can't those machines blow out the lungs if overused or if pressure is too high?

    I've also noticed a lot of clients are getting cpt while tube feedings are running. I've always thought it was an hour before or an hour after,but one doc said it doesn't matter. I've benn seeing this lately in peds clients esp. Maybe things changed since 3 years ago? Maybe they have new evidence that doesn't support the use of waiting an hr before or after a feed?
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  3. by   mykrosphere
    what is cough assist? i guess i could google or something, but ive never heard of it...
    i have, however been seeing quite frequent use of the cpt machine and i have never seen one in place with a tube feed going.
    i am lucky to work with great respiratory therapists and they are usually taking it upon themselves to shut the tube feeding off.
    i had never seen a cpt until i started working at this place, and every patient i have seen them on are lying flat.
    having a cpt and tube feeding going at the same time seems like a disaster waiting to happen!
  4. by   smurfynursey
    I think it depends on the patient for the most part. I care for a child (6y/o) that uses a cough assist machine and he has scheduled times that he uses it, and also usually need to be suctioned shortly after. As far as CPT machines go, it is a policy at my facility that they be turned off or at least put on hold until cpt is done.
    hope that helps
  5. by   caliotter3
    The only patient I had who used one of these vests had an order that specified once (maybe twice, don't remember) per day. Five times in one hour is overkill. Recommend a specific order be obtained for this patient. I doubt that the doctor will order it before each suctioning.
  6. by   liveyourlife747
    I use a cough assist with one of my vent pts in their home. I don't use it every time I suction, only when she asks. I think it is a great invention for those who are unable to cough effectively.

    BTW: a cough assist is a machiene that forces air into the lungs at a set pressure and then pulls the air out of the persons lungs creating a simulated cough response. It helps bring the secretions up without deep suctioning and also prevents injury to the abdomen when assisting someone with a "quad" cough