Pulmonary Hemorrage.

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I am also going to post on this old thread.....

I have had an RT (RT in NICU for 20+ yrs) sya that you can also use a saline bullet and place it in ice water and then you lavage the kid with it. I have not see it happen myself, though

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I've seen more than I care to think about. I wouldn't go the saline route though...saline is very damaging to alveoli, just my thought, and the cold could cause a vagal. Most of the ones are on micro preemies,occas the bigger kid that gets survanta 3 times.

Usually they don't need a chest tube...it has nothing to do with an air leak. We push FFP when available, use epi down the tube and limit suctioning. Try not to reintubate....the blood just wells up between the cords and it is near impossible to get the tube back in...we had a fellow do this a few years ago.

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