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How is public speaking? I have to Takisha this course in the fall.

I'm sure it's not too bad for the typical person. But for me it was extremely hard because I have anxiety... so I would panic before every speech.

It did get easier as I got to know more people in my class! :hug:

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I hated it. I have anxiety especially when it comes to public speaking. I would always get nervous before every speech. It got better, but I still hate having to speak in front of a group.

It's not bad as long as you prepare. Many people in my class didn't actually write their speeches, they just "outlined" as they called it (which was really winging it, but whatever) and they stood at the front of the class mumbling and saying a lot of "ums" and "wells" and "you knows." Public speaking teachers do not want to hear those. I wrote all of my speeches word for word and then practiced them at least five times before writing down my major points on index cards.

Anyway, even if you are really scared of public speaking you will learn a lot of good information. Since that class I've had to speak in two other classes and I used the tips I learned and felt much more confident knowing that I had passed (and made an A) in my public speaking class.

Thanks for the tips guys!!:)...HUGS!!

My public speaking professor wanted us to practice our speeches at least 20 times. I always got super nervous but because I basically memorized all of my speeches 100% it was definitely easier. We could always tell who had practiced and who didn't. Your professor will have some tips for you as well, and you'll get better as you go on as long as you commit yourself to becoming a better speech giver. Good luck!

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