DNP APHN Program - Really worth it?

  1. Hey Everyone -
    I am interested in talking to anyone who has a MSN or DNP in APHN.
    I am about to apply for the BSN to DNP APHN program at Rush University but I have several concern.

    1. what jobs will this make me eligible for and is there a good job market?
    2. how can I get my education paid for? I know that NPs usually can get funding but I haven't found anything for APHN. I do not want to acquire a ton of debt on top of my BSN debt.

    Please let me know if you have any advice/ideas or if this degree will be a mistake.
    I am definitely interested just want to make sure I am making the right decision.

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  3. by   soso
    Was looking to apply to the same program. Hopefully someone will answer!
  4. by   MandaRN94
    It depends what you want to do. If you want to work as a NP then I recommend FNP as there are more job opportunities with this specialty. If you want to work specifically as PHN then a MPH or MSN with focus in public health (what I did) is what I recommend.
  5. by   littledad
    Thanks for the infomation. What kind of work do you do with the PHN degree?
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  6. by   MandaRN94
    There a lot of different opportunities for PHN -I personally have done home visits for high risk maternal/child pts and worked in a family planning clinic/ STD clinic. I currently am a PHN manager at the clinic. If you look under your county website under public health there are also lists of PHN jobs available, CDC website, etc..
  7. by   soso
    Thanks for your response. I think I'm going to have to relocate from Texas as there are next to no opportunities for PHN. Looks like I may have to go back home (California) or to the East Coast.
  8. by   MandaRN94
    Look into the University of Minnesota they have a BSN -DNP program online that has a public health nursing track. I was looking into this program also but the post MSN track. I believe U Mass has a DNP -PHN leadership track also. Good luck!
  9. by   littledad
    Thanks MandaRN94 for all your information - very helpful
  10. by   al_RNBSNPHN

    A few years late.... Did you end up attending Rush U. If so, how is the program. I just applied to the DNP APHN program

  11. by   Ilovenursing08
    Did you start the program? I am also interested in this concentration as well..
  12. by   al_RNBSNPHN
    Quote from Ilovenursing08
    Did you start the program? I am also interested in this concentration as well..
    HI. I did get into Rush University DNP APHN program after working 2 years in Public Health. At the same time I got a job in the ER (3 months in). Rush U allowed me to defer for one year. So I'm seeing where the wind takes me