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PTO and Vacation


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I am set to graduate in May and have just accepted my first job. I had a question about PTO and vacation. My RN position schedules us to work 40hrs/week with combo shifts of 12 and 8 hrs.

I am planning a vacation in december Sunday-Friday. Would I have to use PTO to request off for every single one of those days (even though normally I would not be scheduled to work that many in a row) or do I just use PTO hrs that are equivalent to the amount of hours I would normally be scheduled to work during that time?

dream'n, BSN, RN

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You only use PTO for the hours you would be scheduled to work. But taking vacation in December may be challenging due to the holidays, especially as a new employee. And some employers don't allow any vacation during that time of the year.

Hoosier_RN, MSN

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Exactly what @dream'nsaid. Many don't allow from day prior to Thanksgiving until January 2nd to allow for adequate direct care staffing through holidays, and in fairness to all direct care staff