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ptec august 2011 start...anyone applying?

I am going through the application process at the Ptec Clearwater campus for the August 2011 start date. Does anyone know about how many people are admitted? What were some of your scores if you have been previously admitted? Any advice would be helpful! :)


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At this time they are admitting 24 to the traditional day program and 24 to the online/hybrid program. I am waiting to hear from SPC re: the 2nd pool for the RN program, but have started the process to go to PTEC as a backup. I attended the information seminar last night. Looking to do the online program in August.

I also attended the same seminar. I didn't learn as much about the program as I was hopeing to. I took my TEAS the other day, I had to take the new Version 5. What were some of your scores? I think I did ok, but have nothing really to compare it to because so far everything I see if you version 4.


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I scored an 88% on the test, but I think anywhere in the mid-60s and above is competitive. It is a very hard test especially if you've been out of class for a while.

I scored at 68.7 which I am happy I passed but not satisfied with my grade. I am thinking that I am going to try it again and see if I can bump it up. I am so close to another point!

I started the Clearwater program in Jan 2011 with 40ish students. I know the average person had a TEAS in the mid 70's.

Thats comparible to what I have on version 5. How many points did those people have though?

I got on with an 89% on the TEAS and having CPR experience. Two of my friends got in with a 77% on the TEAS and nothing else.

I think the key is having a high TEAS score (I had an 89% I tested into the 96th percentile for pTEC and 82nd percentile nationwide. ), and your application complete. If your application packet is incomplete I believe you get removed from the pool of candidates.

Hope this helps you.

(The TEAS test I'm referring to is the version 4.0)

Yes this helps. I have have 68.7 which is 2 points, plus I work in the healtcare field, so that is another point, and I have taken CNA/Phlebotomist/Hospital Tech training. Hopefully that will count as the two points. Worst case i know i have 3 points, best case i have 5 points. I have already started going through my packet daily to make sure that I have EVERYTHING needed. There were well over 100 people at the seminar and only 24 will get in. Does that seem about the same ratio at the seminar for your start date?

Thansk so much for ALL your help! I appreciate it so much!

When I went to the seminar there was well over 200 people there don't be discouraged by that. You have to remember its a pool of people for 2 campuses and I'm sure a majority of them will see the costs and not apply.

I'm not sure if you took version 4 or 5 of the TEAS, but have you thought about taking it a second time to try and improve your score? Which campus are you applying to?

I took version 5, they changed the point system based on the new TEAS because it so so much harder. Now you only need a 58% to get in instead of a 70%. I was thinking about re-taking it, but unfortunately I just took it last Friday and there is not 30 days between that date and a new day to test before the admission deadline.

I haven't taken the TEAS yet but super nervous! ONLY 24 people are accepted????? I've done everything in the packet exactly as requested except the test.

What do you guys think? Should I go the CNA route first? I'm a finance major, but after nursing my Mom the last 5 years, (PIC lines, shots, IV's, wound care, your name it! lol) I know it's what I want to spend the rest of my life doing. (that sounds like I'm bragging, sorry, I didn't intend it that way - when it's your Mom, it is just what you have to do...)

Is there anyone out there registering for the CNA program or something else just in case they don't make the cut? The science portion is KILLING me!

Also, I'm confused what the final date is to take the exam....anyone know?

Thanks in advance!!!! Congrats to everyone who passed with such high scores!

The Clearwater location and St. Pete location each offer the TEAS test one day per week. Obviosuly now this week is the last week to take the TEAS as the application is due on Tuesday. I am only applying for the LPN program as I have taken a CNA/HHA/Phlebotomy course in the past. I am hoping that they will give me the points for that. WE find out the 27th who got in! Good Luck!

Let me know what you got on the TEAS! :)

I would skip the CNA route if I were you. You will learn all the CNA basics the first few months of the program anyway. It's a very fast-paced program that does require some sacrifices. There are a lot of tests. Just remember to try to have a good time learning new things. The best advice that I can give you is study, study, study. There are a few "must pass" tests that your instructors will let you know about. You have to have an 80% to continue the program on these tests. Nutrition being one of 'em. The rest are multiple tests that are averaged and you need an 80% avg. to move on. There were about 48 in our class to start and we are currently down to about 38. Good luck to you all. Hope to see you on campus.

When did your program start? Do you know what the average was as far as how many points people have? I am just trying to figure out my chances...tia

I started last Jan. The points varied. I'm not sure how they made their descision about who made it and who didn't. I have no medical experience and got in. There are a few people that have experience and many who have none. There were a ton of people at the orientation. (Probably 300+) You have to figure that a lot of those people were there to support their family member or friend. Then a lot of people don't meet the criteria for whatever reason. Then a lot don't pass the TEAS etc. So the number starts to dwindle down pretty quickly. If you passed the TEAS with a decent score, got ALL your immunizations, and completed your packet on time, you have a pretty good chance of getting in. Plus there are two campuses so the number slims down even more. So, to answer your question, I'm not sure what the average number of points were but I had the minimum number and got in and so did several of my classmates. Good luck!!! Do you know when you are supposed to get the email from them telling you if you made it or not?

Application is Due Tuesday the 21 and we have a reply Monday the 27th! I hope i get in! I am so nervous! There were so many people at the orientation, i have two points from my TEAS plus work in the medical field so that is 3 points. Then i have a m CPR and I have done CNA/HHA/Phlebotomy/PCT training so hopefully they will give me the 2 points for that. But worst case I have 3 points. How many points did you have?

I don't remember how many I had but I do know it was the least amount that you can have and still get in. I had the same feelings that you have when I was waiting for that email. You have some experience so that certainly helps. Also keep in mind that there were 48 people when our class started. So who ever came up with the idea that only 24 (or whatever the number was) get in is wrong. I'm sure you'll get in. Just be prepared to study and have fun learning new things. The instructors really know their stuff.

At the orientation the PN advisor told us only 24! I am super nervous! And on top of that they postponed the St. PETE start date so there is just the Clearwater traditional program and the hybrid starting in August. I guess they have had a lot of cutbacks.

I Just finished putting my application together to drop off Monday! I went through it about 5 times to make sure it's perfect. I will probably end up going through it again before Monday!

They have definately had some cut-backs. They told us 24 as well and we ended up having 48 people. But who knows. That's a bummer about the St. Pete campus. I guess things have changed a bit the last few months. I wish you lots of luck. Keep me posted. Hope you make it as you seem to be really looking forward to getting started. I have no doubt that you will be good at this profession.:nurse:


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