Will a BA I'm Psych further my career as an RN with an ADN?

  1. So I've been in school for what seems like forever. I only have about 3 course left before I complete my BA in psychology (which I plan to finish this summer). The reason I have yet to finish is because I suddenly realized I was interested in getting into nursing. Ive recently been accepted into a 2 year ASN program at a community college. I know that a career as an RN is valuable regardless of whether it's an associate degree or higher, however I also realize RN's with only an associate's degree do not necessarily have as many career options. So anyway, I'm wondering whether my Bachelor of Arts in psychology will help further my career? Ideally I'd like to either be an international nurse (I'm working towards becoming fluent in Spanish) or a psychiatric nurse working in an inpatient mental health facility. Does anyone have any suggestions/advice as to whether I should plan to further my education in nursing or if it may be possible to use my Psychology degree to get ahead?

    Sorry for the long post
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  3. by   elkpark
    You should plan to continue your education in nursing. That will be significantly more helpful for you in a nursing career than a degree in psychology. Since you're still in your current undergraduate program, have you looked into transferring into a BSN program, rather than finishing the psych degree and then entering an ADN program? Or finishing the psych degree and then pursuing an accelerated BSN program?

    A psychology undergrad degree may give you a slight edge in getting a psychiatric nursing job, but it's not a requirement, or even an expectation, for psychiatric nursing positions. Nor will most healthcare employers consider ADN + BA to be the equivalent of a BSN.

    Best wishes for your journey!
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    this was me. I was almost done with my BA in psych when I decided I want to be a nurse. Thankfully I finished my psych degree and you wont believe how much its helped me after I got my ADN-RN. Ive even had people in interviews say a BA in psych isn't a BSN but they'll hire me because I have a bachelors and that psych is very helpful with nursing. I know for a fact I've gotten 2 job offers simply because I had it. Also while applying to get my BSN I only needed about 10 classes since most of my undergrad transferred.