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  1. Purple_Clover

    NKU admission and start dates

    Hey! Does anyone know when the traditional due dates for application materials are and start dates for NKU's PMHNP program? I'm strongly considering them because it seems that they have multiple start dates each year. I'm specifically interested in starting Fall 1 or Fall 2 Thanks!
  2. Purple_Clover

    Exceptions to the Right to Refuse

    Can someone provide me a reputable and authoritative source to exceptions to the Right to refuse treatment or care? Am I understanding correctly that for use to force care (especially basic hygiene) would mean the resident would have to be declared incompetent in a court of law?
  3. Purple_Clover

    Anyone NEVER been hit/hurt working psych?

    LMAOOOO I was hit, kicked, had poop thrown at me, was cut with a razor blade, was punched in the head several times, got a sprained neck, got a concussion, etc. working in psych. It is ***ing DANGEROUS and unless a place has staff security escorts 24/7 then you're going to be assaulted. Period.
  4. Purple_Clover

    Why do RN's avoid LTC positions?

    I'm an RN and I worked a year in psych and after that have worked exclusively in long term care. I love it! There is much better work life balance working 8 hour shifts and I love how most of it is just protocol and procedure. As others have mentioned, there is a lack of "status" compared to working acute care, and there can be issues with moving from LTC to acute care. Once you get to know your residents, you can predict a lot of things about your shift and learn how to prioritize very easily. I, however, don't care about any of that. I love knowing my residents well and I like the lower acuity and think that it translates to lower levels of stress. I also make more in LTC than many RNs in my area working acute care. I'm not sure what that's about, but I think it may be because most RNs would rather work in acute care. There is a big push to get RNs into leadership roles in LTC settings. I worked as a shift supervisor for a while, but they let me go back to working the cart after I pitched a fit about management trying to write me up for their mistakes and a general lack of transparency. I might not be able to be at my current job much longer because there are rumors that corporate may not be allowing RNs to work the cart (aka not in a leadership role). That doesn't stop LPNs from still viewing me as a resource or someone to solve complex problems, LOL. There is definitely a lot of chaos and bad management in LTC. However, that can work in your favor because if you're an actual good employee who shows up on time and does your job well, you generally can work there as long as you want to. There can be some stress and hesitancy at some places wondering if night shift is even going to show up.
  5. Purple_Clover

    Virginia pay - low comparatively?

    I have had multiple offers for $30/hr for an RN in LTC in Hampton Roads, but I make even more than that already.
  6. Purple_Clover

    PLEASE! Save my life! (PCC Experts PLEASE)

    I will try that!
  7. Purple_Clover

    Low Stress Specialties

    Come to the dark side: long term care. It's the ***** wild, wild west of nursing and if you know what you're doing it can be very easy most days. I also only work 4 8's (32 hours) a week and it is b-e-a-utiful
  8. Purple_Clover


    Perhaps try a more descriptive title next time to attract more viewers.
  9. Purple_Clover

    Is doing therapy as a psych NP realistic?

    You'll be lucky to get into a practice that will want you to do any therapy at all. The "top" of the scope of practice for a PMHNP is medication management. Only psychiatrists can do it, otherwise. LCSWs, etc. are a dime a dozen and get paid way less to do the "same" work. Ultimately, in order to *really* incorporate therapy into your practice you'll have to do additional education and probably solo practice.
  10. Purple_Clover

    Virginia pay - low comparatively?

    I GUARANTEE you I make way more money than nurses with similar levels of experience in acute care by me working long term care. 💵💵💵
  11. Purple_Clover

    Hopefully taking CNA classes soon, tips/tricks?

    Master the one-turn-change. It will save you precious time and effort. Unless someone has had a major blowout, I can change someone by only turning them once. Has a lot to do with positioning the depend properly and making sure to reeeeally roll them over on their one side.
  12. Purple_Clover

    CNA vs Phlebotomy

    If you want to be a nurse, do the CNA. It will at least get your feet a bit wet to the process of nursing. You'll pick up some useful information along the way. You'll have plenty of time to hone your phlebotomy skills down the line. That is totally insane.
  13. Purple_Clover

    Why are CNA job applications like this?

    Welcome to healthcare. Most upper management views you as a pawn and they will treat you like one. They do not respect or value you. Get ready for the BS now.
  14. Purple_Clover

    Are LVN/LPN programs a waste of time? BSN ultimate goal.

    I tell people to make this decision based on finances. If it would greatly benefit you financially (ie you have a short time frame for needing more money), then do the LPN first. If not, do the RN (ASN if you can; BSN if it is practically required in your region) and get it over with.
  15. Purple_Clover

    Group chats and cheating?

    LEAVE THE GROUP NOW. Your school may also have an honor code that requires you to report people you know are cheating. You could get seriously ****. You betta read your school/program handbook STAT. If you're going to cheat, at least don't leave a paper trail 🤦‍♂️. If you don't learn this in nursing school, you'll learn this in nursing: never give people dirt because they can and will use it.
  16. Purple_Clover

    Weekend Staffing

    Money talks. Try offering a (or a better) weekend differential. A surefire way to get people to work more is to offer bonuses for picking up shifts. You'll have people fighting to pick up shifts.