What is the RN role at your facility?

  1. I'm a new grad who just started a psych position...I'm just wondering what is the RN's role at your facility?

    At mine, each unit has 1 RN, 1 LVN, and 1-2 techs....tech's maintain the millieu, organize group activites, ensure pt's are following activites on the schedule... the LVN does all the meds and treatments, the RN supervises everybody else (is the charge nurse), charts, and converses with the docs... each unit can have a max of 16 pts...

    this is just the gist of it, I've only worked 2 days but that's what I've gathered...
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  3. by   chevyv
    It's pretty much the same where I am. We have 22 beds, 3 CNA's, 1 LPN, and 1 RN. CNA's should be managing the milieu, LPN passes meds and does tx (I help with tx most of the time), and I run the ship and all of that lovely paperwork because we still do paper charting.
  4. by   Kay28
    I work in a 30 bed psychiatric unit based out of a medical hospital. We are staffed with 5 RN's and 4 mental health workers on the day shift (thats the shift that I work). The RN's do all the med passes, vital signs, treatments, IV's. We also chart on all of our patients every shift and attend team with the psychiatrists. We do our own admissions and discharges. We can have anywhere from 6 to 8 patients each. Its busy, but doable.
  5. by   Topaz7
    The locked inpatient units don't utilize lpns unfortunately here. Rns do meds/txs, and lots of charting.