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From what I have seen(little), all I really saw the RN do was pass meds and make small talk with patients. I am sure this is not the case... So what exactly do you Psych RN's do?... Read More

  1. by   sanakruz
    Great Answer!

    What happened to future RNmichael???:roll
  2. by   FutureRNMichael
    I am wondering --- now that I have had some many great rtesponses... How much of the psychological aspect do you do as a Psych Nurse? A percentage would be nice!!
  3. by   mailnurse
    Man,I can't tell you how much of the time I use psychological principles...some days almost every technique I use has psychological basis,other days I hardly use any.
    You ever been checked out for OCD?
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    Originally posted by seewhiterabbit
    Do you all enjoy being Psych nurses? I can't really tell from these postings if you do. If you don't then would it be difficult for you to switch to other types of nursing? Do you get paid well for what you are doing as a Psych nurse?
    $23.70/hr.How does that grab you?
  5. by   FutureRNMichael
    Originally posted by mailnurse

    You ever been checked out for OCD?
    What would make you think this??
  6. by   sanakruz
    As nurses we dont do psychotherapy per say.Is that what your'e asking, Michael? Hospitalized patients are only there to have a crisis stabilized-- This is the the current trend in psych nursing. Address the immediate problem, medicate, discharge to lower level of care. Takes a treatment team to do this. "Working on Issues" is an ongoing process, and can be done as an outpatient.
  7. by   naddy
    Anyone from Chicago? What's the strting pay for psych nurses?
  8. by   sanakruz
    I live in N.California. I'm salaried. I make about $22.00 an hour and have marvelous benefits because I'm a county employee.I'm a LVN, have been working on my RN through Excelsior but that has fallen by the wayside. I have plenty of experience and enjoy the outpatient setting.California would like to mandate out pt. tx but the bill has stalled in the Assembley.
    We all pay the price of living here in Paradise.
  9. by   GeorgiaGirl
    If a LVN makes $22 an hour, what could a RN reasonable expect to earn in your area?
  10. by   sanakruz
    Alot-RNs at Stamford make $33-35, this is pretty standard for inpt psych (c 2yrs experience or more on resume)

    The cost of living is astronomical-housing gasoline and other energy, insurance, water, the (list goes on) Sales tax in Santa Clara Co. is 8 1/4%.

    Stamford is an Ivy League U. It's really not that great to work there according to many of my collegues but looks graet on a resume. RNs are represented by KRONA (I believe that is the accronym) but other staff is not organized. They did strike a few years back.
    I dont know too much about Georgia, but I do beleive there are 4 seasons there. Here there are 2; WET and DRY. Many easterners dont like it. I'm a yankee myself and I am still not totally acclimated after 18 years.
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    Promote Psychological Comfort.
  13. by   StuPer
    Hello Everyone,
    Just thought I'd add a little point, assessment skills as has been already mentioned are critical in psych work.... but the real skill is making that assessment look like a normal conversation.. while at the same time watching verbal and non-verbal ques.
    I remember in my training as a RMN (Registered Mental Nurse UK) on one of my first placements, sat there wondering what RMN's did.. much as you did... I was having a conversation with a client all was going great I thought... then almost as one all the trained nurses got up and moved rapidly towards one area of the ward.... because they KNEW something was about to go off... it was'nt obvious to me at the time (it is now...lol). I was left sat with this client wondering what the hell was going on... so although it sometimes appears as though there is little going on... observation is clinical ALWAYS going on.
    regards StuPer