Tips for Student dealing w/ Patient

  1. My daughter has a complicated psych pt. (one that is too much for a student-IMHO) assigned to her. Violent, thinks he is Satan, has acted out against female staff/pts. Any advice? I told her don't be alone w/ him , go into his room, etc. She has to give him an injection (whoopee). He is very large. She is<5' tall. I posted in general discussion and a poster suggested seeing if the psych nurses had any tips. I am praying a lot right now! Any help appreciated.
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  3. by   New2ER
    Wow, that seems a bit much for a student. You're right to tell her not to be alone with him, never turn her back on him, etc. I am assuming that the shot she is to give is some kind of anti-psychotic? Whatever it is, with that kind of patient I normally would take at least one other person into the room (preferably male) or give the shot in the hallway (if you can give it in the arm) if at all possible.

    If the patient has a history of resisting or being unpredictable, I would arrange for a show of force before I enter the room, also warn the patient before hand when he will be getting the shot (5-15 minutes before hand) so that he is not caught by surprise. Try to be as soothing as possible, talk him through each step of the injection process (i.e. I'm cleaning your skin with alcohol, on three you're going to feel a pinch, etc).

    Hope that helps.
  4. by   ^Kiwi^
    Above all, if she is not feeling comfortable, then she MUST tell someone, it is not acceptable to put a student in a potentially serious risk situation, this needs to be bought to the attention of the supervisor/ lecturer, whomever is responsbile for the students.
  5. by   RN BSN 2009
    yes its true we are never given high acuity patients
  6. by   imenid37
    Many thanks everyone. My daughter had this guy for two days. I hope next week, he will be off at the state hospital. She lucked out. He got mad when she didn't refer to him by his proper name Satan and had to be told to go to his room due to being "stimulated", but for him, he behaved fairly well. That instructor has rocks in her head!