therapies i can do in a psychiatric ward

  1. some suggestions about activities i can do in the psychiatric ward....
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  3. by   elkpark
    Can you give us more info? Are you a student who needs to do a group/activity for clinical? Are you a nurse or CNA working on the unit? What would be the purpose/goal of the "activities"? What kind of clients/population (kids, general adult, gero, some kind of specialty unit)?
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  4. by   mystory
    I agree with elkpark. Some context would be helpful. I am also confused because the title mentioned what therapies to do and then you asked about activities. I'll do my best to address the therapies. Psychotherapy is not in our scope of practice as a licensed registered nurse, but we can do psychoeducation. Therapies that lie in this scope are CBT and DBT skills based therapies. Both are very effective; CBT focuses on identifying and restructuring thought patterns that hold us back, and DBT teaches skills that enable us to regulate our emotions. I am sure there are others but those immediately come to mind. Good luck.
  5. by   twinkerrs
    If you work on a dbt based unit I can help you out with activities since that is my experience. Cbt I am not as familiar with. Are you working with teens adults kids? That changes the activities a lot. I do a lot of life skills training with my long term kiddos.