Schizophrenic won't take her meds-- - page 2

Help, Psych nurses! I'm clueless with psych stuff. Recently a very close friend whose daughter has been dx'd with schizophrenia has asked me how to make sure her daughter is taking her meds. ... Read More

  1. by   Louie18
    For psych. pts. to take meds until all is calm then they get tired of the EPS and numb mind syndrome so quit taking them for stimulation.
    Check them out.
  2. by   Noney
    I just read abook called "The Quiet Room"

    It is written by a woman who developed Schizophrenia at 17. It's her story with different chapters by the people that were around her also. Her case was severe but she survived.

    I would reccomend this book to your friend. It may help her. Her daughter might not be ready for it though.
  3. by   Louie18

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