Psychiatric Certification

  1. Does anybody know what certifications are available for psychiatric nurses? I have recently taken the ANCC certification and passed, but am wondering if there are any more from any other certifying organizations.
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  3. by   bargainhound
    Medicare certification for home health agency to be able to bill for psychiatric
    visits. This is in demand and makes it very simple to show that you are
    qualified. Once you get it, it is good for any agency you work
    just submit a resume for them to approve you.
  4. by   sayitgirl
    Why isn't that enough ? There are not that many psych nurses in the US that are certified. How was the test?
  5. by   bargainhound
    There is no test to get certified by Medicare,,,,,,,,,you just submit your resume.
  6. by   Aydia1
    The test was not as hard as I expected, but I studied pretty hard. I just want something that makes me stand out more than others, thats all.
  7. by   studentnurse2175
    Does medicare have a website. Or how do you go about getting submitting your resume for approval. What needs to be on it.
  8. by   winurse54984
    I took the pysch cert back last Nov. I missed by two questions. Was my fault as I only studied 10-15 hours based on other cert tests I've passed. Had I known my Erikson and Piaget stages I would have been ok. The test in Nov was based on the Psych and Mental Health(2nd edition). I then signed up to take again in April. In the meantime the 3rd edition came out. When I read through 3rd for first time I knew I was in trouble. Different from 2nd edition. Harder read. I changed my date to the last day eligible, studied 40+ hours and scored lower than in Nov. Congrats to you that pass this. I'm generally a good test taker but this was tough. Only issue is why the test is for basic psych and mental health and includes all for advanced practice. The book even tells you basic psych mental health not resposible and will never lead group therapy but test included 8-10 questions about group therapy. I know I'm crying in my beer but I really think the basic and advanced should be seperated.