Psych or LTC??

  1. Hello all...first I would like to thank you for any imput you may have I am graduating from an RN nursing program in December. I am really struggling with which area I want to pursue initially, psych or geriatrics. I LOVE the elderly and love Alzheimer's patients. I have thought for quite a while that working with this population was my calling as a nurse. Lately, I have been thinking more and more about psych and how much I really enjoyed that rotation in school. Psych is close to my heart...I have a few family members (including my son) that have diagnosed psychiatric disorders so it has become more of a passion in the last year. I think in the long run I would like to explore both areas so my question is which should I do first? If I do psych will I be able to take that experience with me when I care for Alzheimer's patients? Will starting in LTC put me in a corner so that I will not be able to get into psych later?
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  3. by   Davey Do

    It's really great to hear of new nurses CHOOSING Psych or LTC rather than settling for it. Both can be truly rewarding areas.

    Since you're asking for advice on the first to work, I'd suggest LTC. It's a great mix of patients. The Geriatric poulation always has their areas of medical concern. Child, Adolescent and Adult Psych is limited in Medical. So, in order to grow in both Medical and Psychiatric areas of Nursing, I'd advise you to choose LTC or Geriatric Psych.

    Good luck to you, skyandsydneysmom.

  4. by   Jules A
    I'd also suggest doing LTC first and if you decide to do psych later it shouldn't be difficult to transition over. FWIW I've worked with a few nurses that went into psych because they had family members with psychiatric issues and sometimes that doesn't make for the the best fit.
  5. by   Noah'sRNMom
    I agree. Psych isn't that hard to get into, and you don't use hardly any medical skills. So, if you got into psych first and it wasn't for you, it might be harder to find a job since you haven't used your skills. Also, with you having close family members with these disorders it might affect you negatively. Psych nursing can be absolutely draining at times and I couldn't imagine having to deal with it at work and then come home and have it compounded by personal issues. If you are the type of person that doesn't think it will affect you, then don't worry about that then. But, I woudl try LTC first definitely.