Psych nursing books??

  1. Is there a good book out there that talks about how to effectively communicate with adolescents with psych problems? Like the best way to get a 15 year old with ODD to go to bed, or communicating with a schizophrenic/schizoaffective 16 yr old, etc?

    I am new to psych and I am finding their are some children that I am not sure how to communicant with.

    I work at a RTC (8-15 months usually avg length) of all males (13-17 yrs) who are juvenile sexual offenders....most who also have ADHD, bipolar, schizo affective, ODD (those frustrate me the most), and sometimes I feel overwhelmed with their behaviors (like our ODD who REFUSES to go to bed on time....keeps going into others rooms at bedtime, bothering other pt's who have earned the right to stay up later by kicking their chairs while they are watching tv, trying to boss staff around, threatening staff and peers, etc). I feel frustrated because I'm not sure what to do.

    My psych nursing book is useless so I gave it away.

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  3. by   tlc2u
    I have worked in human services with MH/MR clients for a long time. (I am now a new LPN, just starting to look for an LPN job. Although reading some posts on allnurses makes me wonder if I will regret choosing nursing as a career.)
    Where I work we have behavior specialists who assess the clients and prepare a (PBSP--Positive Behavioral Support Plan) or a (CPOC-Comprehensive Plan of Care) which provide the staff with "some good" and "some not so good" guidelines for managing that clients specific behaviors.
    A well written CPOC, that is written with reality in mind and not just written from textbook ideals, I have found this to be a very valuable resource with my clients.
    As for a book on the subject, I agree our nursing book for Psyche does not cover your need. I don't know what educational course the behavioral specialists took to obtain their skills for writing Behavioral Plans or CPOC's but that is the type of textbook I would suspect may be helpful.
  4. by   pinkiepie_RN
    I can't say it's any good, but I found a textbook on about behavioral modification, which sounds like it might be appropriate for the ODD type patient.