PMHNP Additional Certifications and Education

  1. I am curious to know if any of the PMHNPs have recommendations for additional certifications or education that is beneficial as a PMHNP.

    I have heard several opinions on masters verses doctorate level. In my state there is no difference in pay.

    How beneficial is the doctorate?
    What additional certifications are available and beneficial?
    What is the most rewarding part of your career as a PMHNP and what setting have you enjoyed most (inpatient/outpatient/etc.)?

    What has been your most persistent challenge?

    Thank you in advance for helping out the inexperienced SN.
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  3. by   Oldmahubbard
    My opinion- the value of the DNP will depend on your age. Young people (under 40) will eventually need it to remain competitive. I am not doing it personally, as there is no financial incentive at my very advanced age, haha, and the coursework doesn't seem to enhance clinical competencies.

    The most rewarding thing was working in Forensics and appearing in court as an expert witness for the state. I obtained many court orders over the years for treatment over objection.

    The prison population has a high percentage of severe and persistent mental illness. Many inmates do not accept their diagnosis and become a danger to themselves as a result of psychosis.

    After obtaining the order, the patient received injections, although many of them did accept oral medications.I saw a number of dramatic recoveries.

    The most persistent challenged has been arriving at the correct diagnosis. This can be extremely difficult, especially in older patients, previously misdiagnosed people, or people with several confounding conditions, ie traumatic brain injury, etc.
  4. by   Theofficenh
    Thank you so much! I appreciate the insight.
  5. by   SDStudent1
    I am not finished with my PMHNP program yet (1 yr left) so take it for what it is worth. I am in a masters program that also offers a DNP or PhD option. Instead of getting a doctorate, I plan to continue on and get a cert in FNP shortly after finishing my PMHNP. I feel being able to identify both medical and psychiatric involvement would be valuable. In my area, because I will already have finished the Advanced patho, pharm and assessment it would take less than a year to do this. I am keeping an open mind about going back to get a PhD in the future if I want to get into research or teaching but do not see any value in doing so otherwise, especially if you mainly want to do private practice. Just my thoughts, open to suggestion though.