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Shamed Glaxo's u-turn on 'suicide' drug by BEEZY MARSH and TIM UTTON, Daily Mail 08:49am 15th June 2004 Britain's biggest drugs firm has caved in dramatically and revealed research which shows... Read More

  1. by   lsyorke

    I have more, but this should get you started.While I agree with you that not all people have bad reactions to Paxil, the inability to determine who MIGHT makes these drugs very scary. My son was wonderful on Paxil for the first 3 months and then very slowly we saw anger,aggression etc. that the psychiatrist determined was because he wasn't on a high enough dose. His final dose was Paxil CR 50mg(twice the recommended dose for an adult)When I questioned the psychiatrist about this elevated dose I was told "I've never had any problems with using this dose". After he refused to continue to see my son after the suicide attempts I realized he never saw any problems because he CHOSE not to and just dropped the patient.
  2. by   finness
    thank you for the information. i shall read on, as all of my research thus far has confirmed that paxil cr is proven effective against panic disorder, which is quite different then generalized anxiety disorder. indeed, most people do not have adverse reactions to paxil cr (other then the expected withdraw). the inability to determine who might have a bad reaction to this drug should be the responsibility of a proficient psychiatrist, which clearly you and your son were lacking. my heart goes out two the both of you, who, from the sounds of it, were victims of an inattentive quack. i hope this idiot looses his license! :angryfire thanks again, lysorke, and i am glad your son is feeling better!
  3. by   lsyorke
    "The inability to determine who might have a bad reaction to this drug SHOULD be the responsibility of a proficient psychiatrist"

    There in lies the problem!! There are no predisposing factors.My son was never suicidal, never self harming. Neither was Stephanie Fritz(15) who hung herself after 4 months on Zoloft, or Julie Woodward(17) who hung herself after 4 days on Zoloft.Not to let the psychiatrist off the hook(which I won't!) but there have been no consistent predisposing factors that would warn of a bad reaction.
    Thank you for your good wishes with my son. When you decide to come off Paxil, PLEASE be very careful and make sure those around you know the behaviors to look for.
  4. by   Blackcat99
    Thanks again Isyorke.
    I'm not taking any chances. I have to take care of my 82 year old mom and 2 senior cats. Besides this paxil is too expensive anyway. I am withdrawing slowly and so far so good. Yippie I'm looking forward to being paxil-free soon! :hatparty:
  5. by   lsyorke
    Good Luck! If you have any questions has a great group of people who are withdrawing or have gone through withdrawal who can help.
    The fact that your only on Paxil for 2 months hopefully you won't have much problem.
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  6. by   elkpark
    That said, statistics still indicate that for every person Paxil has caused harm, it has liberated many others. After all, every drug is not for every person. In fact, I can’t take painkillers because I have a sensitive stomach. The nausea it causes me is much worse then the original pain; it’s all a matter of personal choice. I am all for patient education, but legislation that demonizes a drug that has been a blessing for so many?
    The FDA pulls drugs off the market all the time that have helped many people but have too high a profile of serious side effects or have been linked to a significant number of user deaths. We're not talking about "nausea" here -- we talking about patient deaths. If it were really about "personal choice," Thalidomide, Rezulin, Baycor, "Fen-Fen,", etc., would still be available in the US ...
  7. by   lsyorke
    New drug insert for Paxil and Paxil CR is up on the FDA Website listing a suicide warning.

    Scroll down for Paxil and view with Adobe Acrobat. I agree Elkpark! Just because it works for some doesn't discount the horrible side effects that a good percentage of people have.This is evidence in the new labeling. Its a shame that patients never see the drug inserts. At least now I can legally instruct my patients of the risk since its in the drug insert.