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  1. My wife and I are contemplating emigration to NZ, taking our 3 kids who are quite young.
    Knowing very little about the processes involved, I was hoping that some of you might be able to clue me up on anything, including job prospects, schooling, housing, the emigration itself...
    All contributions will be gratefully recieved!:kiss
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  3. by   Nurse Ratched

    I have no personal experience, but this thread was started by a NZ nurse who says her job only pays 17K per year American. Yikes! Not that money is the only thing but DANG! Maybe she could be of more help.

    I dunno know is stuff is any cheaper there, but if you have three little ones, I might think about it. Good luck!
  4. by   Heidi
    I am from NZ and work as a community psychiatric nurse. I earn 39.000 per year but on the steps this can go to 44.000. My husband is an acute inpatient nurse, the top rate inpatient is 39.000 a year, however they get benefits such as time and a half, and a night rate etc. We live 2-5 minutes walk from the hospital and pay 200.00 per week for a three bedroom house, seperate lounge/dining and a double garage. There are many schools within close proximity to the hospital, one primary school directly across the road (around 210.00 per year, more children its less, being a catholic school), there is also one one street away. We have day care and after school care, who pick your children up after school. Petrol fluctuates from .92 to 1.06 a litre. Food and veges are reasonable. Clean air and lots of greenery and great people. We have not long ago had someone from England come and join us. I am not sure how the process for immigration works. I suggest you go to the New Zealand Nursing Council site and look at the process for registration. I do not know what $ figures I have used would be equivilant to pounds. Depending on where you live you can earn more ie Auckland, however rent etc is high. I live and work in Palmerston North (North Island). Try contacting Mid Central Health Mental Health Services (06 3508160), and ask to speak to the team leader there may be some current vacancies. Hope this helps.
  5. by   NZ RN
    i agree with Heidi, the plus factors of NZ are great. the most beautiful place, so clean and great people. also where you chose to live will make a difference on your income, as there is a weighting system which relates income in various regions to cost of living. i can say the english staff i worked with and knew in auckland really enjoyed the quality of life, and some things are a lot more reasonable price wise like food, eating out and entertainment. if you choose to work for a nursing agency in auckland then there would be higher pay, with a little more uncertainty of where you will be working. Generally job prospects are pretty good, schooling is low cost(and high quality).
    also if you are bringing pounds to nz there is a great exchange rate.
    cant wait till i can go back and buy a home and settle down!
  6. by   ziggyRn
    It's bad Frank...esp if you're used to higher pay.
    NZrs get diddled.
    I get NZ$38,000 [US$17,000] and that's for straight hrs [day] ...Yrs ago I got $52,000 as a newish RN [all three shifts, weekends] that was a good amount of money then, twice the average wage. Obviously nurse wages haven't kept up. Now earn much less than police [who we used to be comp with]
    Out of NZ$38,000...all NZ dollars per month
    Food 250 per week=1000
    Electricity 60-120
    Gasoline 150-200
    Phone and internet 67
    Car [incl depreciation] 100
    Rates 75
    Insurances 130
    Kids activities 70
    Afterschool 200
    Cash 60
    [Nothing much left for clothing, entertainment, saving]

    And that's it, thankfully own my own house but it's still dismal.
    I would advise going to a pretty part of the States if it's scenery that you are after. I have NZ friends in the US on US$60,000 and that's about $NZ130,000.
    There are parts of the US I gather that are less expensive to live in...have friends in Houston that have a lovely house for about $200.
    Nursing provides no savings plan, no medical benefits [heathcare is supposed to be free here but in reality will have to wait for ages for anything non-urgent so most people get health insurance and go private].
    However pluses of being in NZ are certainly great scenery, good people etc.
    But there is a pervasive kind of liberal political correctness that you will either hate or welcome, depending on your political leaning. If you tend to be might become irritated with the stupid, idiotic views that you are SUPPOSED to have in order to fit in. Nursing has been infiltrated thru and thru with this kind of stuff. Hey but that's me...your views might be different. but just warning you b/c many a good nurse has left the profession in NZ b/c they couldn't stand it anymore.

    Good luck with whatever you decide, Zig.
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  7. by   Frankcah
    Thanks guys, so far. differing opinions... I think that I am in a good position, insofaras, I think I will be able to purchase a house outright with the money I've made on my property value, so rent/mortgage is not really an issue.

    I really am interested in a move to a different culture, aus is a consideration, but my wife and I have NZ in our heads at the moment. I shall leave it up 2 u guys to persuade or disuade us in this.

    Cheers brethren!!
  8. by   caliotter3
    If you can afford it, why not take a short vacation to one or more locations with the thought in mind that you are looking for "fit" and "feel"? You can explore the job market, housing market, talk to nurses, etc. and then come back and compare. If nothing else you have an excuse for two or more good vacations!
  9. by   MHN
    caliotter's idea of a vacation is a good one especially with the exchange rate as it is $1aus = about 35np so you nearly get $3aus to your pound.and even more to it in NZ.MHN
  10. by   dachweiler
    Originally posted by NZ RN ...the plus factors of NZ are great. the most beautiful place, so clean and great people.
    I agree! I visited New Zealand, and 4 years later, I'm still in awe of it! It really is incredible...."green" and "clean" are 2 words I frequently use in describing it. But you have to go there and see for yourself....words can't do it justice.
  11. by   caliotter3
    I don't know how your tax system is in the UK, but in the US, an individual can deduct on the income tax return the costs incurred for trips taken for the purpose of job hunting. Many people deliberately use this statute for the purpose of deducting "vacations". Of course, you would need proof that you actually made efforts at finding employment. Seems like a great way to kill two birds w/one stone. From the descriptions given, I would like to visit NZ myself.
  12. by   challis
    Hi Frankcah,

    I am an Aussie nurse who works in the psych field in Sydney. And just like every where else in the nursing world we are desperately short of nurses. If you do consider moving to Australia this is the link to the Australian Nursing Council site

    and just click on the Australian Nursing Council site. Over the years I have worked with many nurses from the UK (and from New Zealand). I doubt if you would have any problems with your qualifications transferring to Oz. The pay rates for public hospitals/facilities are based on award rates and in the private sector the rates are slightly more. Unfortunately, if you were to choose Sydney, the cost of living here is very expensive. In other capital cities and rural areas its less expensive.

    Just remember, in the US, you will need insurance to be able to work - In Australia and New Zealand you dont.