I think Psych nursing is the place for me

  1. I'm currently in Practical Nursing school... we visited Richmond State Hospital today I loved it. My classmates think I'm nuts... but I really see my self working at the RSH. I enjoyed interacting with the patients. I was wondering what are the "ups and downs" in psych nursing. The area I want to go into is adolescence. They have a special unit for 13-19 year old boys that "act out" I would love it there, but I was told since I'm a 19 year old girl that I "could be easily taken advantage of," that however doesn't turn me off to the idea. I just want all of your input. Sorry if there are spelling errors... I'm tired.
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  3. by   EarthChild1130
    LOL I'm in school too and I knew as soon as I walked through the door that I wanted to be a psych nurse, although not with the kids...best of luck!!
  4. by   PRNMEDS
    Your age will work against you - BUT that does not mean you will be taken advantage of or make you a push over. There are 50 year olds that have that happen to them - it depends on YOU and how YOU carry yourself.

    I think its great you want to go into Psych - follow your heart and work at it if that is what you want. There is always room for the enthusiastic - and I for one look forward to welcoming you to the ranks.
  5. by   Heath82371
    i think it's great you want to do psych nursing. i am a licensed mental health counselor and am returning to school for my bsn. i am going to try my hand at something other than psych. to be sucessful you have to have a strong personality, be assertive, and you must be sure of yourself. i should add that i work on an adolescent inpatient unit and its quite volatile. you have to rely on your techs a great deal. there is a risk you'll get hurt (either assaulted or during a take down). psych will either be your niche or it won't be. i have nurses that would never consider any other type of nursing.

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