I Need Days Off for My Own Mental Health! - page 2

I took a part time job because I wanted a part time job. I'm a new RN juggling a family as well. The problem I'm finding is evertime I have a day off, work calls and needs me to come in. Usually... Read More

  1. by   TrudyRN
    Let your answering machine screen your calls.
  2. by   Billikin
    Take your phone off the hook or check your caller Id before you answer the phone. You are never going to be any help to your patients or family if you are burned out. And if your hospital is anything like mine, they will burn you to a crisp! If you do feel quilty, allow yourself to stay there for about 10 seconds and then get on with it! Go enjoy your day. Don't you think you deserve it? Come on now.
  3. by   AUMPsychRN
    [banana] For those ethat have a hard time saying no: You can also tell your supervisors up front that you are not interested in doing OT or working extra. [/banana]

    I am glad to see that a supervisor appreciates honesty and understands that sometimes saying NO is okay.

    I leave a couple of weeks worth of "will work" days so that the supervisor doesn't waste time calling me. Plus I always screen my calls and the hospital only has my home number.