Floated to the Adolescent Psych Unit - BAD experience!

  1. Hello all. I normally work in medical-surgical-oncology, but on this particular night the adolescent psych unit was VERY short staffed. I had no option but to accept my assignment and hope for the best. First of all, the unit is extremely congested in terms of space. Its a round unit with a social area in the center and the rooms on the perimeter. The "Nurses Station" was a patient room converted into an office. The unit also had 2 seclusion rooms, a therapy room, an exam room, a treatment room, and the pyxis was in the nurses station. Okay, most of the shift i was given "Light" duties such as admission assessments, checking vital signs, and later on I had to pass meds on 15 teens. I was also required to help out with an emergency on the unit and administer an IM or haldol to a crazy kid. All in all it was an experience that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Any advise on how the normal operation go for floaters to psych?
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  3. by   Jules A
    It kind of sounds like the way things often are and since you aren't used to it I don't doubt that it wasn't a good experience for you. I would bet that if you have to go back there again it will be better if only because you know what to expect. For me anytime I'm out of my comfort zone I'm a bit stressed but it sounds like you did just fine and they will probably be glad to have you back again. FWIW the kids will grow on you.
  4. by   aloevera
    Sounds like a typical day in adolescent psych !!
    It is a shocker when you are not used to it, for sure....you did great and next time will be much better..just as JulesA said.....
    I bet you were happy to get back to your unit.....
  5. by   nurse15dc
    That does sound like a psych shift from he**. To me it seems like it would be worse (and even more unsafe) to float a psych nurse to med/surg oncology. I've heard of that happening but I've never witnessed it first hand.