Dodged a swift kick to the face today

  1. During a code situation I finally had a clear shot to give an injection to a combative patient and right as I finished getting the Thorazine and Benadryl in he broke loose from one of the staff holding his leg. I dodged to the side and he missed my face by mere inches.

    Anyone else have any close calls like this in psych? As much as I love my job, I'm definitely excited to finish my PMHNP and move to outpatient or private practice out of the line of fire.
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  3. by   Davey Do
    Way to dodge the foot, NurseNinja1990!

    Recently, I was bitten on the bicep by a geriatric Patient while assisting him to sit on the toilet and punched in the head by the room mate of a Patient I had just assisted to the toilet. I was plugging in the IV pump.

    It all happened the same night.

    However, I did get two compliments for my troubles. The Patient who punched me in the head, when I therapeutically held him said, "You're strong!"

    And when I showed by bite mark bruise to fellow staff members, one Nurse Extern said, "Nice guns!"

    It helped to ease the rain.
  4. by   Fiddleback
    In six years on a forensic unit full of patients who all want to be the alpha male, I have been choked, kicked, punched, bit, spit on, had one concussion, and received stitches twice. Why do I stay with it? I don't think I could handle dealing with "normal" patients anymore.
  5. by   3peas
    I dodged being stabbed by a knife that was smuggled in on a pt brought in by police. I dodged being "beat to death" by a pt on a locked hallway for about 3.5 minutes. He didn't touch me thanks to that therapeutic communication stuff-it works! Yes it can get scary, but honestly you will encounter this stuff on other units. My friend has been slapped on a reg med/surg unit. I still love this population.
  6. by   jgg765
    If you do not want to be attacked work on a mental health unit in a Jail the officers do all the take down etc. Not nurses and they have tasers pepper spray etc.
  7. by   EKUGRAD
    Here ! Here ! In 8 years of locked psych/forensic units I had same as you. Three trips to the ER, total of 210 days off for "Assault injury" on full pay. Also, while taking down a little 60 y/o lady who was punching me in the face, she came down on the concrete floor on top of my left knee. Blew out medial AND lateral meniscus. Two surgeries and 9 months off for rehab. BUT, I won't work with any other population. Been at it for 25 years. To me, these are absolutely the most in need of nursing care to have as "normal" lives as possible. PS - I worked in Shock Trauma years ago. One night a gang member was allowed into the holding room for organ donors to say goodbye to his brother. He was overwhelmed with grief, pulled out a gun and fired three shots into the ceiling. After I changed my underwear, I was more careful of who came in.