1. Any one else having a problem with this? I'm an ACT nurse, we make commnity visits and put the clients in our personal vehicles. We are having an EPIDEMIC of bed bugs right now. I'm really freaked out I'm going to bring them home.
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  3. by   Candyn
    I am freaking out too. I have no itch or biting spot but I found one bug that is black and when I killed it, it is dry. Does anyone know if it is bed bug? By the way I work in hospital...
  4. by   ivyleaf
    I'd stop using your vehicle to transport clts for the time being. Do you have a program van?? I work on a CBFS team, btw (similar to ACT).
  5. by   illcleff
    This bedbug is becoming a huge probem at the ER where I work as we see and treat a large population of intoxicants who live in shelters. I would always use precautionary measures if possible. I agree w/ ivyleaf to if possible stop using your own vehicle to transport these clients.