1. Hope I didn't butcher the spelling too much..

    Anyway, being new to the psych field, Aspergers disease appears to be an interesting,complex diagnosis. I still know very little about it.

    Interesting to me was seeing it diagnosed in children and adults - or at least by history. I always thought of it to be a disease which only affected children. Being diagnosed in intellectuals and those who have low IQ alike.

    Any suggested reading material, as I know they're is a lot out there. Any stories regarding those afflicted, would love to hear them.

    Regards, Michael
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  3. by   memphispanda
    My oldest son has Asperger's. It's definitely not just a child's disease--this is something that they learn to cope with better as they age, but it is never outgrown. Aspies tend to have higher than average IQ but low performance IQ and extremely poor social skills. Beyond that, the characteristics of the syndrome vary so greatly you can't say a child must do X thing and X thing to be an Aspie. What my son exhibits: ritualistic behaviors with a bit of OCD, paranoia, hyperactivity, poor motor skills (fine and gross), hypersensitivity to touch and sound, pragmatic language, inability to read or properly use body language and facial expression, and I could probably go on a bit more. Even with all of his issues he attends public school and is in regular ed, not special ed.

    There is a wealth of information on the internet about Asperger's. A starting point:
    Another source of info is Tony Attwood. He was one of the first to do extensive research on Asperger's and to come up with reasonable methods to work with Aspies. If you have an opportunity to see him speak, do it.
  4. by   littlebitt
    I have recently read a novel about Asperger syndrome. A woman who was not diagnosed until she was well into her 30's. The book provides a good insight to the disorder and what life is like for people that have it. The book is titled "Songs of the Gorilla Nation". It can be purchased at Borders book store. I forget the author's name. In the book, the author includes what life was like for her as a child as well as into adulthood. She goes from being homeless to obtaining a Ph.D. She establishes a relationship with these gorillas at the zoo where she interns which helps her deal with the problems she faces due to having Aspergers. I think you would find the book quite helpful in learning more about the syndrome.
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    Just saw this on Yahoo. Maybe it will help you.