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  1. Hello , my name is Melissa..
    I am 22 years old and I want to become a psychiatric nurse... as of right now I finished my prerequisites at my college and am on the waiting list to get into the nursing program. The waiting list is supposively 2 years long. Im conflicted as to whether I should wait - which as of right now I feel like Im wasting my time. Anyways, I love psychology and decided just recently to change my focus toward the psychiatric part of nursing, where as before I wanted to work with infants in neonatal care. - thats me... im interested in learning about any aspects of nursing I can find and I dont actually KNOW any nurses to talk to for guidance, so I figure this is then next best thing. thanks a million!
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    Welcome to the family of allnurses. Surf the site, enjoy your stay and best wishes to you.
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    I am a URI school of Nursing grad, If you want I can put you in contact with some people in RI who would be happy to talk to you about nursing.

    Greg H.
    URI '00
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