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hello all! im writing a paper on nurses preventing/educating teens on internet safety and internet predators. i figured this would be a good topic in light of all the recent happenings with children being preyed upon. only problem is...im not having too much luck specifically on nurses roles on this subject. has anyone read any articles in any pedi journals lately? or know of any goop resources i could use? thanks!


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Well, I don't know how much this will help you as far as the nursing aspect goes, but take a look at this site: http://www.perverted-justice.com. Take the tour for parents - quite an eye opener about what goes on. In fact, there might be a tidbit or two that may help you on the site.

You don't have to register to take the "Tour for parents", but you have to register to look at the rest of the forums. You may want to do that, read the forums, maybe post to see if someone might be able to help you.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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My daughter uses several sites that if you were to look would curl your toes. These kids put ALL kinds of personal information out there. Luckily my DD doesnt know that i watch what she posts and sorry if im a snoop but id rather be a snoop with a live daughter than a snoop with one that has disappeared. I keep an eye on her friends too and have been known to put the bug in another kids parents ear when i feel they are letting to much info out or things they are discussing are dangerous for them. You would be surprised how many parents dont have a clue what their kids are doing.

I dont have any nursing sites, most likely you would have to talk to peds nurses or maybe some office nurses. Not sure if this is a focus or not to be honest. Unless there has been an issue prior with the child.


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I emailed myspace last week about one mof my nieces friends. She had lied about her age on there and then posted erotic pictures of herself. She's 14. A very well endowed 14 year old, but 14!!! That is still a CHILD!!!! I was so upset because I know that myspace has become a candy store for pedophiles. I monitor my niece very closely on there. Here's a recent blog I posted on mine about this exact same topic:


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