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the doc told me I'm doing that but....what is it?


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Proteinuria? Maybe? I think it's when you spill protein over into your urine.


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Proteinuria can be indicative of renal disease. Have they done a 24-hour urine collection? You can also have transient elevated protein levels related to exercise or stress.


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Nursey Ann are you in nursing school yet?

MustangSheba wrote:

Proteinuria can be indicative of renal disease. Have they done a 24-hour urine collection? You can also have transient elevated protein levels related to exercise or stress.

Proteinuria peut être indicatif de la maladie rénale. Ont-ils fait une collection de 24 heures d'urine? Vous pouvez également avoir les niveaux élevés passagers de protéine liés à l'exercice ou à l'effort.


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Yes I'm in nursing school...doing my 2nd year.

They didn't do a 24h collection.... just did for the 4th time the same FSC test and urine test in 3 month ...and it is always the same results. I just worry about the meaning of this result.

I just saw the site .... and I'm not doing diabet or high blood presure.... What could be the cause?


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Women have protein in their urine all the time--contamination from the vagina. Yes, sometimes even if it's a clean-catch midstream. If this is a catheterized spec, then some blood work might be indicated--at least a chem panel w/a BUN and creatinine.



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Yup! BUN and creatinine.


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My son (15 y/o) spills protein into his urine. We discovered it about two years ago during a routine phys exam. They monitored it for a few weeks with the dip strips, which were reading anywhere from trace to 3+ protein. X-rays and Ultrasound were normal. Then we did a 24 hr urine, and the result of that was about 315. Not extremely high, but still was a concern to me. We went to a nephrologist, who did a few more tests, and his diagnosis was "orthostatic proteinuria".

It is a harmless condition. A person for unknown reasons spills protein when they are up and active, but not while lying down or asleep. We get his protein levels checked yearly to be sure the levels don't dramatically increase, but I've been assured that most people with this condition don't have renal problems.

Have you discussed your protein levels with your doctor? They may not be too concerned if the levels are not high, but you can request to have additional tests done, or get a referral to a nephrologist. My sons doc was not too concerned initially, but when I told him that I wanted it investigated further because I didn't want something to come up later that could have been prevented if it had been caught early, he readily agreed to refer to a specialist.

Hope you find your answer!


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They're searching for a renal problem since yesterday. They really don't know what's my problem....lost 40 pounds/4months and trew up all what I eat or drink. Passed abdominal scan, gastroscopy, coloscopy, baryum enema....

except an imflammation of the oesophagus there's nothing wrong...and I'm doing proteinuria. The doc said they'll have to investigate that...I'm just afraid I'll have to stop nursing school because of that.

I worry about the signification of the results ... I hope they'll find the problem SOON.


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