pros and cons -- clinical rotation site?


I am in a nursing program where you get to choose between 2 & 3 year.

if i choose the 3 year route, I get to go to different hospital each semester.

for 2 year, I will be in the same hospital for the whole 6 semesters.

Just wondering how/if the experiences in different hospital rotation help in future job employment?

Does it make the resume look better?

the school like us to choose the 2 year route.. they've been telling us a lot of how nice it is to get to stay in the same hospital and get use to the environment. and our instructor also tell us if we choose 3 year, we will take summer break and a lot of things we learned we might forget and will need refresh when we come back from the break.

I don't know why the school prefer student to stay in the 2 year program but I just want to hear both side of story.

what do you think?

I'd rather go to different clinical sites. I think it gives you a feel for different places, to know where you might want to work afterwards. Also, I don't think employers looks at where you did clinicals....but I could be wrong.


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I can see the advantages in both. If you do the 2 year, for one you graduate sooner, and you get the advantage of really getting to know your clinical site, and the people the work there. You are able to actually form real working relationships. BUT, in the 3 year program, you rotate and you get the opportunity to see how different facilities have different policies and procedures. You're exposed to different ways of doing things, which is nice because you don't know where you will be employed after you graduate, so getting too stuck in one certain way of doing things might be hard to break out of. Personally, I think I'd go the 3 year route.

As far as why the school would be pushing the 2 year option- possibly because they will be able to churn out more students that way? Make more money from tuition and books? It could be purely financial. But, maybe not, maybe they really do feel the 2 year option is better.

Do what you feel is best for you.


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Most definitely- Going to different hospitals gives you a well rounded feel about what different places are like. Now that I am getting close to the end of NS, I choose my clinicals at the hospital that I like here in my city.

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I'd go for the wider experience, lets you see more of what is out there. Can you afford the three year route without incuring debt? Money would also be a concern for me.


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Thank you all for the replies! :) I am actually already in the 2nd semester of the 2 year program. and now I get to choose if I want to go to school in summer and finish it off quick or go with the 3 year route. Financially, 3 year is better because I don't get financial aid in summer. My mom however, thinks why waste one extra year when I can choose 2 year. Anyway, the only thing is holding me back really is the classmate I've got to know in the past 2 semesters. But I guess going with the 3 year would be a good experience for me and to get out of my comfort zone. Just wondering, when they hire new grad does experience at different hospital site matter much?


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You might consider asking some of those in each program about their experiences. Hospitals don't have a record of your clinical sites to refer to directly, but experience in a variety of areas will certainly help. For example, you can show you are flexible to work well in a variety of settings. One other benefit is that it would give you the opportunity to witness the "culture" of various units and hospitals; every place is different. I left my clinicals as a student with very definite ideas about which hospitals I would enjoy working for. Going to a variety of places gives you the chance to make many contacts and see which place will be best for you.

Another benefit can be if you go to a unit/site you love. I have had many students just love a unit, and talk to the manager then and there about hiring needs. We have had many students who were so well liked by the staff that the staff asked them to apply. This can give you an "in" that other students might not have if they only visit one facility.

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