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LPN here! Just went in to get all my physicals and immunizations up to par so I can return to school in October for my RN. The nurse who administered my DTAP really made me question what I had been taught. Plus, she was just rough. So here's what happened: She scrubbed my upper arm with an alcohol wipe and then without letting it dry jammed the needle in my arm. After administering the injection, she covered the site with another alcohol wipe and proceeded to rub very, and when I say very I mean very, vigorously began rubbing the site with said alcohol wipe. My arm was in fire. Now, about 6 hours later, my neck on that side all the way to my lower back is aching. I just wanted to clarify that I am not just a big baby and that the burning sensation is normal. Any help out there? I couldn't and have never done that to a patient before. Is that the proper way?

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for an IM injection, a darting motion when inserting the needle is appropriate. I've never heard of rubbing with alcohol AFTER the injection. Aching is normal, and in my experience, the tetanus shot is probably the most painful of all vaccines (with regard to muscle pain after the injection).

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That's not quite how we give it, but as long as it's IM it's in the right spot. Muscle pain is normal.

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As per the Terms of Service we cannot give medical advice.......any questions about the injection or muscle soreness you need to direct to your PCP

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You might find the CDC website helpful. Vaccines: VPD-VAC/Tetanus/main page

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