Pronouncing Anatomy - Help Please!


does anyone know of a good website for learning how to pronounce skeletal and muscular body parts? i'm trying to prepare myself for a&p but i have no clue how to say some parts and it doesn't help much with my memorization. thanks so much!


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If you go to and type in the word there is a little speaker next to the word that if you click on it will pronounce the word for you.


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I'm sorry I don't know of any websites of the top of my head but just had to chuckle at your post. If you heard me pronounce those terms you'd of cracked up! Luckily there is no need to know how for the purpose of the class. You just have to spell them. One tip though use mnemonics (I can't even spell that,lol) that saved me! Also try to stay focused and learn and master one area at a time. Like nail the shoulder and arm before moving on to the leg. Best of luck to you.

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lol, yeah, I would have never been able to spell them right (which we had to) if I had to pronounced them all correctly. ;-)


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Thanks for your help, encouragement and giggles guys! :)

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