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I do a handwashing project with the adults in the class i teach..actually a whole infection control about when a fly lands on your food, bacteria, viruses, etc then we go and do a handwashing exercise...using something called "glogerm" available from, they love the class and talk about it for weeks afterward. Pm me if you need more info. Mary


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just a sidenote on the handwashing topic... one of those shows on TV that dispels myths had a guy who found that cultures from the women's bathroom actually grew more germs than cultures from the men's room (for all of us moms who always get the job of taking the kids to the public women's room instead of Dad, since the women's room is assumed to be cleaner!) Eek.. anyway just thought that was interesting... I figured it was because women have to actually sit down and touch more things while in the loo.


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Hi All! I have not been here in about a year! Can you believe that? :-) I have been busy,busy with school and family (hubby and 2 small boys). I am in my last semester of an ADN program and am swamped with projects. I would like to ask for some suggestions if that is OK? I have to do a Community Teaching Project and I thought something easy. My mind is just blank. I was thinking maybe Nutrition/Food pyramid, but not sure. My proposal must have my own personal learning objectives. Duh......blank! If you have any ideas for me, I would gladly appreciate it! Thanks!

If I were in your shoes, I would do a project on NIDDM. It is quite prevalent now, and increasing, and starting to spill into adolescents. There is alot of info out there.

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