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I applied for the ISU on campus program that starts on May 12 this year. It is an accelerated program to get my BSN. I just found out that the turn around time is this: They advise you of admissions decisions May 9. The program starts May 12! You literally have the weekend to prepare and say hey, I'm starting nursing school. Ah! How am I supposed to plan my life?

I guess they do it because there are those (like me) who are finishing their prereqs still and they want time to be able to recieve the final prereq grades before making a decision. But don't most schools admit you with a disclaimer saying "admittance contingent upon you not completely failing your final classes" or something like that? To me it is INSANE that they are waiting that long to notify people. Basically, I have to plan like I got into the program and be prepared to start that Monday... but what if I don't get in?! My grades are good and all but it's still nervewracking.

Anyone else have this problem with their programs? When do you find out if you're in and when do you start?

Wow, that's completely crazy! I got my notification a couple of weeks ago for my fall program.

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Wow! Are you sure the classes start in May & that it's just an orientation?

We had notifications at the end of April & orientation the first week of May, but classes started in the Fall (different school though)

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I had this conversation a year ago. I am in the cohort ahead of you. The deadline for application was April 1 and they were going to notify us after the end of Spring semester. I got my acceptance letter on May 8 and classes started May 13th. We had five days to get books, pay tuition and arrange our lives in 5 days. The problem was that my cohort was the first cohort to have more applicants than the 30 slots. The previous 2 cohorts had less than 30, so they were notified the first week of April.

There was a big issue with books because the bookstore anticipated that a certain percentage would get their books online. Since we only had 5 days notice the entire cohort had to get books from the bookstore so they were short. They are going to correct it for your cohort and have more in stock for your class. We have voiced our disapproval of the way that the program started. Starting the next cohort after yours, the pre-reqs must be completed by the end of Fall semester. That way they can make a decision sooner and get the acceptance letters out quicker.

Do not stress out too much when you do get accepted, my cohort (my "dysfunctional family" as we call it) will be finishing up in the summer and will be there on Tuesday and Thursdays during the summer to help you with everything you need to get settled and get your cohort into an organized, cohesive family as quickly as possible. If you have any questions you can PM me here, otherwise I will see you in May.

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