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Hello everyone.

Some books might argue that myasthenia gravis got a better prognosis,the ethical point of view is to keep the baby and hope the MG will go away,but I`ve heared stories of babies dying from MG,sad for the parents because it seems to me that keeping the ventilator dependent baby is just prolonging the grieving process for the family.The hospitalization in Britain is free, so the family are free from financial constraint,but how about from other parts of the world where you need to pay for the costs?have you got a better prognosis for MG?How do you treat MG?Is it common in your area?Any input will be highly appreciated. Thank you!

Honestly, I've never heard of a baby with Mynathesia Gravis. I thought the onset was in adulthood?


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I have never taken care of a baby afflicted with MG, but I know I have heard of a neonatal form of MG. I will have to look it up.

Here's what I found out:

Actually there is a neonatal form of Myasthenia gravis. It occurs in 12% to 20% of infants of women with generalized myasthenia gravis. Sometimes the infant will show myasthenic signs significant enough to require treatment (usually medications). Neonatal myasthenia is transient and usually goes away over 1 week to 2 months. With proper management complete recovery of the infant is the rule.

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Sounds like insurance would have to pay for the entire hospitalization to me.

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There is a disorder known as Myotonic Dystrophy. It is hereditary and congenital. Patients can survive into adulthood, but may need vent support part time if respiratory insufficiency is a problem.

If it's a milder form, they just look like a totally flat affect because the muscles in the face are affected. They may get diagnosed as being depressed b/o the lack of facial espression. They also have a peculiar gait as they must compensate for the lack of muscle strength in the lower extremities.


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Thank you all for the input.

Yes,I was not familiar w MG until I saw one.She was born very flat,if we haven`t known that the mother had it,probably she will be considered as hopeless case and no further resus will be attempted.Neostigmine is the drug of choice,w the first dose usually you will notice movements for few seconds/minutes.I agree w nicudaynurse`s literature,w proper treatment the baby might survive.I saw her progressed but unfortunately-she only lasted a month.

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